Old school versus new school

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's old school versus new school!  Several dozen former Jonesboro High School students are helping mentor current JHS students with a double elimination basketball tournament!  While players from different generations get to showcase their skills they are also getting to know each other a little better.

"I think the average age of the old school team is a little older it may be the really old school team this year," said 2010 tournament chairman Brad Faught.

A tournament slash mentoring program that is in its sixth season of play!

"It's a great time for kids who don't play on a high school basketball team to come out and showcase their skills," said Faught.

Jonesboro Hurricane Athletic Director David Daniel is one of the fifty or sixty mentors on the court.  He said many of the "old school" players are players from his coaching days at JHS and he believes they can help the younger generation!

"It's unbelievable the need that's out there right now.  These young men are searching.  Some of them come from broken homes, some of them come from foster homes," said Daniel.

And even though it may not seem like the two schools of athletes have a lot in common they hope to make a connection while they're here.

"It makes us a lot more comfortable.  It's something we're familiar with.  It's something we do on our own time and it makes it easier to talk to the mentors," said new school player Patrick McDaniel.

"Exchange phone numbers, follow up with them, give them some ideas about goals in their life and just put somebody in their life that's in contact with them," said Daniel.

Hopefully while they're working as a team they can learn what teamwork is really all about.

"Really, I hope they take away life.  It's something they can carry on into the next generation," said old school player Nathan Anderson.

"We had a young man, 7-years-old, sing the national anthem and we hope in ten years some of the kids playing today will be mentors for him," said Faught.

The old school team has won the championship game each of the last 6 years of this tournament.  On Saturday the tradition continued, with the old school team scoring 42 and the new school team scoring 29 points.

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