The latest 'must-have' technology list has something for everyone

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(ARA) - Americans are more tech savvy than ever. And with the growing need for on-the-go technology comes some pretty unique inventions. Each year, the products are getting more high-tech, more portable, and in many cases, easier to use. This year, there's something for everyone. Here's a round-up of the must-have mobile tech items for 2010:

The Multi-Tasker - Needs mobile Internet. CLEAR, the company that started the 4G Internet revolution is expanding its coverage across the country in 2010. CLEAR delivers super fast wireless Internet to entire cities. All it takes is a CLEAR USB modem and you can access high-speed Internet in a cab, on a bus or at the park. It's the perfect solution for any on-the-go business person or Facebook addict.

CLEAR Internet also offers a 3G/4G dual-modem so you can pick up 3G Internet when you leave the CLEAR coverage area. CLEAR wireless Internet speeds are typically four times faster than 3G. Their product offerings are super affordable too, with home and mobile Internet packages available for around $45/month.

The Bookworm - Needs a high-tech reading device. From the Kindle to the Barnes & Noble Nook, electronic book readers were one of the biggest crazes in 2009. These handheld devices let you download entire books at your leisure - much like an iPod - but the latest versions don't have to be plugged into a computer.

For 2010, one e-reader stands out above the rest - Sony's Daily Edition. The Daily Edition is still small, but maximizes its screen size. It also has a feature that allows you to turn the page by gliding your finger across the screen - much like you would with an iPhone. The only setback with the Daily Edition is the price. It's $400 compared to the $259 Kindle. Either way, everyone needs an e-reader in 2010.

The Fitness Buff - Needs a wireless weight-monitoring device. Weight loss has gone high-tech in the last year. But no product has taken it as far as the Wi-Fi Body Scale. If you thought your friends could help hold you accountable on your diet, you better expand your circle of friends. The scale has a wireless connection and will send your weight and body fat information to your personal Web page, iPhone or even your latest tweet. You may not opt for the latter, but it's a great way to keep dieters on track.

There's also the more practical "Go Wear Fit" armband from BodyMedia. Wear the device all day and it will calculate the number of calories you've burned, your physical activity level and the total number of steps you've taken. Keep it on at night and it will even monitor your sleep patterns. But the "Go Wear Fit" isn't all that cheap. It costs $249.99 and you'll have to pay an online subscription fee between $6.95 and $12.95 a month.

Whether you're a homebody who wants to curl up with a good (electronic) book or go-getter who needs a 24/7 high-speed Internet connection, the latest tech products offer something for everyone. So find your must-have item, get connected and enjoy a high-tech 2010.

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