Ticket prices announced for 2010-11 Razorback Football

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas will keep base ticket prices for non-conference football games the same for next season, but will increase the price of its general stadium ticket for Southeastern Conference games and include a charge for games played at War Memorial Stadium, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long announced on Monday.

The $55 conference and $45 non-conference base ticket prices will be maintained for a minimum of two seasons. Accordingly, Red Zone seats in Fayetteville will be adjusted to $65 for conference games and $55 for non-conference games.

An additional $10 per game will be added to the general stadium ticket price for both non-conference and SEC games at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

Ticket prices for seating in Hog Heaven (Little Rock), Pig Heaven (Fayetteville), suites or indoor and outdoor clubs will not be increased in 2010.

"As we address the future funding needs of our program to compete and succeed in the Southeastern Conference and nationally, it is essential that we take steps to enhance ticket revenue," Long said. "After consideration of many options including an increased ticket price for all games, we concluded that a price adjustment for conference football games would help us generate the much needed funds but also keep us below other regional institutions. Many SEC and Big 12 schools have instituted premium game pricing with single game tickets ranging up to $100 for a conference game. In contrast, we have applied $10 to conference games only and locked in the ticket prices for general stadium seating for the next two years to provide our fans the opportunity to plan accordingly."

Based on a recommendation from the War Memorial Stadium Commission and the need for increased ticket revenue, an additional $10 charge will be applied to tickets for all games played in Little Rock. The Commission recommended the $10 charge to help decrease the revenue differential between home games played in Fayetteville and Little Rock. The University of Arkansas will commit $500,000 of the new revenue generated from the prices in Little Rock to assist with costs associated with the construction of the new War Memorial Stadium press box, "Hog Heaven" seats on a level of the press box, the A Club Lettermen's room, the recruiting room and the media interview room.

"Soon after Jeff Long assumed his role as athletic director, we approached him about a recommendation to increase revenues for the University of Arkansas for games played in Little Rock," War Memorial Stadium Commission Chairman Gary Smith said. "Our commission takes seriously our responsibility to maintain a first rate facility but we also have to recognize and assist in closing the revenue gap created by the Razorbacks playing games in Little Rock. We appreciate the commitment the University of Arkansas and the athletic department has made to Central Arkansas and we want to work together to maintain our long-term relationship. I am excited about the future of our partnership with Razorback Athletics and am grateful for their contributions to our ongoing renovation efforts at War Memorial Stadium."

Even with this year's price adjustments, Arkansas maintains one of the lowest base ticket prices in the Southeastern Conference. Arkansas' $55 ticket ranks tied for sixth in the league among the most expensive conference or premium game tickets for 2010. Arkansas' ticket price will also remain well below the average of its Big 12 neighbor institutions. Conference game tickets at Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas A&M range from a minimum of $65 to a maximum of $100 per game.

Long announced that men's basketball per-game ticket prices for the 2010-11 season will not be increased. While the number of home games for the 2010-11 home schedule is still being finalized, season tickets for next season will retain the $25 per game ticket price employed this season.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is a self-supporting auxiliary unit of the University of Arkansas and does not receive state funding, direct university support or a student fee.

2010 Arkansas General Stadium Football Ticket Prices

Opponent Base Little Rock Total

Tennessee Tech $45 - $45

Louisiana-Monroe $45 $10 $55

Alabama $55 - $55

Ole Miss $55 - $55

Vanderbilt $55 - $55

UTEP $45 - $45

LSU $55 $10 $65

SEC Single Game Ticket Prices

School Conference# Premium Games

Alabama* $55, $70 $70

Georgia $45, $70 $70, $75

LSU $50, $70 $70

Tennessee $50, $60, $70 $60, $70

Auburn* $55, $65 $65

South Carolina $45, $50, $55 $50, $55

Ole Miss $55

Arkansas $55

Vanderbilt $50

Mississippi State $50

Florida $45

Kentucky* $40

Other Regional Ticket Prices

School Non-Conference Conference Premium Games

Kansas $65, $80 $90, $100 $80, $90, $100

Oklahoma State $60 $60, $85 $85

Texas* NA $95

Oklahoma $62.50 $85 $85

Texas A&M $50 $70, 80 $70, 80

Missouri $42, $47 $55, $75 $47, $55, $75

Nebraska $65 $65

* 2009 prices, 2010 prices not established

# Ranked on highest potential ticket price


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