City of Walnut Ridge starting a new website

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Walnut Ridge, AR  (KAIT)

"Nowadays, if you're not on the Internet, you don't have that accessibility.   Nobody ever sees you," said Walnut Ridge City Council member, Paula Haskins.

Efforts to be seen are prompting the city of Walnut Ridge to develop a website.  Haskins says she's hopeful it will provide facts at your fingertips about this Lawrence County town.

"Anything that might  bring somebody here to our community either to live or to bring a business in," said Haskins.

Paula Haskins is one of the leaders spearheading the project.  She's says she's  hopeful the website will bring economic development opportunities.

"Highways, we are right on the railroad track, we've got a wonderful airport.   We're trying to just attract anyone that can use those facilities," said Haskins.

She says listing that information on the website will draw attention to the town if someone's looking to set up shop.  She's confident many existing  businesses are on board.

"They're all wanting to get a link to our website.   They want to be able to be seen on ours in case someone does just do a search and find us.   They can see what all is available," said Haksins.

Haskins adds it's not only businesses they're after either.   She says they hope the website shows those looking to plant roots somewhere will look in Walnut Ridge.

"That's one main concern of mine.   I want people to be able to have an ease whenever they come in and move in to our community," said Haskins.

Haskins says to get the website up and running will cost between 15 and 16 hundred dollars with yearly fees.  She says she expects the website to be working within a couple of months.

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