Lessons learned to prevent crimes on school campuses

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "It's across the board as far as the training that we're doing," said instructor, Raymond Thrower.

Preventing crimes on campuses at every level of education.

"From dealing with alcohol to dealing with stalking issues," said Thrower.

Not only is the ASU Police Department hosting the course, they are among the numerous college police departments attending.

"Our duties are to help deter crime on campus--we get out and speak with students, ask them, you know, things they might be worried about," said Officer Traci Simpson.

Traci Simpson is a crime prevention officer for ASU PD.  She's also spearheading this event. With an objective of pinpointing successful crime prevention methods and enabling officials to go back to their schools and use what works for them.

"Most important of course is keeping students, faculty, and teachers all safer," said Simpson.

"It's nice to take these classes and be prepared," said Caleb Barkley.

Caleb Barkley is an SRO at Annie Camp.

He says these classes are good preparation for helping to notice crime and keep it from happening.

"I feel like anybody could benefit from something like this," said Barkley.

"The problems we see in higher ed usually start when they're in middle school and high school," said Thrower.

That's why Thrower says it's important crime prevention techniques are taught to and utilized by every student, not just at the college level.

"We want to try and keep our students informed as much as possible as far as the issues that are timely, and that they need to know about," said Thrower.

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