Tanker hauled away; approximately 300 gallons of fuel spilled

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro Police, Fire, and Hazmat crew spent Thursday morning working an overturned semi accident that led to an environmental issue.

The accident happened on Dan Avenue, close to the Highway 63 intersection.

According to the Jonesboro Fire Department, the truck was carrying grain and was attempting a turn, when it tipped over.

Once it overturned, fuel from the truck began to spill out across the highway. The fuel spilled into a ditch, and a concrete drain.

The Jonesboro Fire Department's Hazmat team and the Office of Emergency Management were called to the scene. Crews began digging into the dirt to try and clear the contaminated the soil away, and then hauled in loads of dirt to build a make-shift dam to stop the leak.

The truck was eventually up righted around 11 Thursday morning, but not after spilling approximately 300 gallons of fuel.

The driver of the truck escaped unharmed.

The Highway Department sent a cleaning crew to the site to help clear away any debris left from the cleanup.

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