School security improved thanks to cameras

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - In November school officials in Corning found three bomb threats written on the wall of a boys' bathroom all in one week!  No one was ever charged in the case but, it is still under investigation.  A week before the bomb threats were found, security cameras were installed in the corning school district.

The cameras are intended to catch and stop bad things from happening.

"Cameras are really a big help," said School Resource Officer Dwight Brown.

The addition of the cameras is constantly improving the behavior of students at the corning high school.

"You can definitely see a big difference.  Last year when we didn't have them you had a lot of people roaming the halls," said Brown.

Brown said students know the cameras are there and that makes his job easier and helps everyone feel better about being on campus.

"It gives us a sense of relief.  We feel safer and the students feel safer," said Corning High School Director of Instruction Annie Morrow.

"They find stuff that some people can't find as if there was a discipline problem and nobody saw it they could find it on the cameras," said 8th grader Mikayla Morrow.

"We've had vandalism problems in the past and since they show the outside we can really use them," said Senior Seth Deboard.

"I've noticed that there's less graffiti.  There's less in the bathrooms and less outside," said teacher Philip Eaker.

Not all students know where all the cameras are but those who aren't doing anything wrong don't have anything to worry about.

"There's no 'he said, she said'.  You can pull the students in, pull the camera up and show them what exactly happened," said Annie Morrow.

The digital recordings are saved for a month.

The school is not only recording the students while they're on campus they're also recorded while they're on the school bus.

"It really takes the pressure off the bus drivers and they can focus on the one main thing they need to and that's getting our children to and from school safely," said Morrow.

In addition to cameras on the high school campus there are also cameras on the two elementary campuses in corning.  After the bomb threats a new policy was implemented by the school requiring the staff, faculty, hall runners, and substitutes to wear picture name badges.  The badges were made and donated by L.A. Darling in Corning.

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