An agreement for the Weiner School District

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

WEINER, AR (KAIT) - A decision is made for students at the Weiner School District. 

"I kind of feel like it was our only option," said Weiner mom Tisha Westerman.

In a four to zero vote on Friday afternoon, the Weiner School Board approved a proposal to an administrative annexation with the Harrisburg School District.  One member of the school board was not present for the vote.

For those affected most by this decision, any news is welcome.

"I feel at peace knowing hopefully my daughter will get to graduate from here," said Westerman.

"Of all the options, this apparently seems to be the best thing for our community and for our school," said Weiner grandparent Greta Greeno.

After so long of uncertainty, Westerman said the kids needed to have a decision.  In addition to this wait having a big impact on the community and families it's also having a huge impact on the students.

"The children just want to be together," said Greeno.

"Our children were scared.  They were afraid and this gives us one more year," said Westerman.

By accepting this proposal, it means Weiner Superintendent Chuck Hanson and the school treasurer will lose their jobs.

Now they have a real solution to a decision they've all struggled with for so long.

"It's a calming effect once you know what the future holds," said Hanson.

Even though they know this will change their community, residents are ready for the challenge.

"We'll make this work with our neighbors in Harrisburg because they're a bunch of good people too," said Greeno.

Many in the community say now they must focus on economic growth for their city and hopefully bring more people here.

"We realize that keeping our numbers up is the key to keeping a school here," said Hanson.

Even though there is an agreement by the two boards, this roller coaster of change is not over.  The proposal now has to go to the Arkansas State Board of Education for a final decision on Monday.

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