Animal carcasses dumped in drainage ditch

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  It was not a pleasant sight for one Jonesboro man who came up on drainage ditch this weekend filled with dead geese and animal parts.

The carcasses were found on Nestle Rd. just off Highway 18.  Lynn Tackett was concerned when he came up on the scene Sunday, "I happened to look in the drainage ditch and I couldn't believe what I saw.  I just saw wasted food."

Officials from Arkansas game and fish say it is legal, and it is snow geese season.  He admits that although it's not a pretty sight for the person who came upon it, there is nothing wrong with it.  He says as long as the breasts are removed, dumping the carcasses is not illegal.

It is not much of a concern for officials because the carcasses are normally washed away or eaten by other animals, "everything is going to eat on them water comes up they wash down the creek is fixing to be water you going to have turtles eating on them fish will start eating on them and they are going to disappear pretty quick."

Buck says there is not regulation on where you can and cannot dispose animal carcasses.  He says the game and fish department receives a lot of similar calls this time of year.  Because there is no limit on the amount of snow geese you can hunt, people often take the breast and dispose of the rest.