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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "It's been an experience for over 50 thousand alums who have attended here, and so we want to extend that," said Vice President for Student Affairs, Rick Stripling.

With a brand new scholarship opportunity for some Arkansas high school seniors, school officials are hopeful more students will be enticed to experience ASU.

"It's up to 15 hundred dollars per year and the student who applies and who receives that will also get that over the next four years," said Stripling.

It's called the Arkansas Promise Scholarship.  Applicants must also be lottery scholarship recipients. Stripling says the two scholarships combined will basically cover tuition and fees.

"It's a win/win situation," said Stripling.

A win for students because it's an opportunity they otherwise may not have, but a win also for ASU.  Officials say it's a way to get students to the school then show them what they can offer. Along with being a lottery scholarship recipient, other requirements for the Arkansas Promise Scholarship are needed.

Other requirements include:

Must be an Arkansas resident

Admitted to ASU upon Spring 2010 high school graduation

Minimum ACT score of 22 or minimum SAT score of 1030

Maintained a seven-semester G.P.A. of 3.0

Complete the 2010-2011 free application for federal student aid

Stripling says these requirements aren't the only standards the ASU Scholarship Committee will take into consideration.

"Some activities that they've been involved in, what type of clubs they've been participating in," said Stripling.

Stripling says this scholarship is competitive and is based on available funding.  He adds he's hopeful the Arkansas Promise Scholarship is a promise for a bright future for students and the school.

"We hope that when we look back, we were able to increase that enrollment, increase that satisfaction level," said Stripling.

Those who have already been awarded a scholarship from ASU are not eligible for the Arkansas Promise Scholarship. Application deadline to apply is June first. It's only for students attending the Jonesboro campus.

ASU has set up a website with all the information about who can apply and how to apply.

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