Political signs causing problems for drivers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Campaign season is underway and one of the first things you will begin to see are campaign signs.  Even though these signs can be good for politicians, if they are not placed in the right spot they could be dangerous for drivers.

The Jonesboro Planning and Zoning Department Director Otis Spriggs says they have certain regulations when it come to placing signs around town, "the political signs should be set back a minimum of 10 feet back from the street edge and at least one foot from the public right-away."

Many times, in order to get their candidate's name out, campaign workers neglect to follow that rule.  Spriggs says with so many signs out there, it's nearly impossible to enforce, "we act on a case by case bases as complaints are made to planning and inspections offices."

If a campaign sign or any sign blocks the view of traffic, it needs to be brought to somebody's attention.  You can call the department of planning and zoning and file a complaint.  Otherwise it may be overlooked says Spriggs, "if the sign is not moved in reasonable time what we can do is actually have that sign removed by our code enforcement officers and have that sign placed in a location where it can be retrieved by the campaign committee."

The Jonesboro Planning and Zoning department's contact number is (870)-932-0406.