Homeland Security training for local emergency responders

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "It brings the latest ideas and planning from the federal level down to us," said Craighead County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, David Moore.

It's planning for the unpredictable. For many first responders, they're used to responding to emergencies, now they're honing those skills to make sure they're on top of their game.

"There's always something new out there.   A better mousetrap you may say," said Moore.

"These are perishable skills, so if you don't exercise them, you will lose them," said instructor, Chris Baker.

Communication is the focus of this Homeland Security Training class. Specifically, managing the technical and operational aspects of communications that go along with the public safety response.

"All the services being fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services out there exercising their capabilities--practicing if you will," said Baker.

"As new techniques are developed, new technology is developed, the training is developed," said E-911 Coordinator, Jeff Presley.

Presley says training has to be continuously ongoing--with solid and effective communication skills being key.

"We look at the big picture, so we work closely with Homeland Security.   We prepare on a national level now," said Presley.

From radio communications to disaster site communications, Moore says having everyone on the same page is paramount.  He says these classes help responders make sure they have the knowledge they need to save time and lives.

"Some of them we can implement, some of them we may not be able to, but as long as we get that information out there, we will bring what is best for our particular area," said Moore.

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