Woman wakes from month long coma to say son beat her

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

PARKIN, AR (KAIT) – Parkin Police arrested a teenager Friday night on charges he severely beat his mother in early January. According to Police Chief Dean Davidson, Malcolm Murry, 18, Parkin was arrested on a battery in the first degree charge. Police say the alleged incident put the woman in a coma for more than one month. Once she woke up, she told hospital staff the incident was criminal.

"She was in a coma for well over a month," said Davidson. "At several times she was on her death bed."

Parkin Police issued a subpoena to a Jonesboro hospital, which released medical records and allowed police to question the victim while recording the interview on camera.

"Her injuries were consistent with that of a fall with blunt force possibly striking something," said Davidson.

Davidson said his department showed the victim a photo lineup of six men. She gestured the third man was the suspect.

"We feel we have more than ample enough evidence. It was good enough that a judge signed a warrant on Mr. Murry based off the investigation," said Davidson. "That's not normal for any child to abuse their mother in such a form and shape and not even to call for medical attention."

The victim sustained a shattered skull and brain stem hemorrhaging.

"If she would have not ever come out of a coma, this would be a case where somebody just fell and hit their head," said Davidson. "God had a will for that woman to survive and it might have been for justice to be done."

Davidson said Murry faces 40-years to life in prison if convicted of the crime.

"She sustained these injuries and obviously he left not worried if his mother was going to live or die," said Davidson.

Davidson said the motive appeared to be over money.

The victim is still in intensive care.

"He's facing a battery in the first degree which in Arkansas is the equivalent to attempted murder," said Davidson. "A young wannabe gangbanger, and I have no problem saying that, who thinks he's hard, wants to earn a reputation, and he can't find a grown man to beat on, so he picks his own mother to do it to."

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