Marmaduke installs tornado sirens

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - The city of Marmaduke now has four tornado sirens that are installed and ready to go if the weather warrants them.

Treasurer, Betty Jackson, said the city worked hard to make the new sirens a reality.

Jackson said, "I think all of us at the city have really pushed the fact of trying to get more sirens into town because so many people couldn't hear just the one."

According to Jackson when the devastating tornado hit Marmaduke back in 2006, the city had purchased a tornado siren, but it hadn't been installed yet.

Jackson said, "Now we do have four and they are sounded every Wednesday as long as the weather is clear so people will know that they are not being sounded due to a tornado coming."

The new sirens are spread throughout the city providing a greater coverage area and are loud enough that people in the county can actually hear them.

Jackson hopes this will help alert everyone in case a possible tornado is sited.

Jackson said, "Maybe this way we'll let people be able to run at least get in a storm shelter or whatever they have set aside for their safety."

Since the tornado in 2006, Jackson said people are more aware of severe weather and have added storm shelters to their residence or property.

Jackson said, "A lot of the new homes have been built with safe rooms, we did not have that before. We're very thankful the school has what they have now for the students."

Tornado sirens are a great tool, but remember the main purpose is for outdoor warning because you often can't hear them inside your home.

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