Local Toyota dealer handling recall

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Toyota has always been known for its quality cars, but with the recent recall customs are concerned if Toyota is the best bet.

Tony Fowler the service manager at Central Toyota says he has seen an increase of concerned customers at the repair shop.  The shop has been doing between thirty and forty a day.  Fowler says that when the recall came about the made arrangements to handle the heavy load, "we've set up a central scheduling desk to try and handle the load of the number of people calling in to get their recalls scheduled we've also extended our hours on Saturdays."

Recently, throughout the United States some customers have made post repair complaints.  Fowler says with the number of repairs, they have not had and calls from customs about having problem once the vehicle has been fixed, "we've tested them and they do work, they limit the vehicle to accelerate at speed and if you have your foot on the brake it cancels out the signal from the accelerator."

The sales reports for last month were just about average for this time of year if not a little bit better than last year.  Fowler has experience the effects of the recall first-hand, and assures customers Toyota still means quality, "I have a mother that has a corolla that is effected by the recall my wives vehicle and my personal vehicle was effected by the recall and I would not hesitate to drive a Toyota or buy another one."