Dangers of brush fires in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – It's like Smokey the bear says, "only you can prevent forest fires."  Well, only you can prevent brush and grass fires.  Some areas already have a burn ban in place, and refuse to issue any burn permits.  The low humidity, wind, and dry brush can easily cause a fire to get out of hand.

Philadelphia fire Chief Wayne Miller says brush and grass fires can be very dangerous under these circumstances, "There have been fire fighters killed in brush fires.  They do not anticipate the wind shift or something traps them.  They cannot get out."

If you do intend to burn, Miller says there are ways to be safe, "Do not burn a great big pile at one time. Burn it in smaller piles.  Be sure the wind isn't blowing very strong.  Also, clean out the area where you are going to burn, wet it down, and keep a hose handy."

Miller says if a fire does get out of hand, call the fire department immediately.  Do not try and put it out yourself.