Make a Difference Monday is back

KAIT-TV (JONESBORO, AR):  The warmer weather is bringing spring back. . .along with "Make a Difference Monday"!

The group's next project. . .the Foundation of Arts!

Volunteers will fill the Arts Center on Main Street, March 15th.

Workers will be doing such things as cleaning the current artwork off the windows or reorganizing the many costumes in the costume room!

Executive Director of the Woman's Center, Faye Cox, says these Mondays are a whole lot more than volunteer work.

They're opportunities to help make changes for the better, "On the third Monday of every month, you have the opportunity to make a difference in a different pocket of our community each month. And if all of us help a little bit we make a huge difference in our community."

Volunteers will be at the Arts Center from nine until three.

If you're interested in "making a difference", log onto the Woman's Discovery Center website.

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