Meet March's teacher of the month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR. (KAIT) - People who begin teaching as a second career bring a wealth of life experience to the classroom.

March's Teacher of the Month retired from the Army but he was in the Air Force as well.

How has that developed into a teaching style?

Life lessons and Civics education makes for an interesting teaching combination.

Jim Tice teaches at MaCarthur Junior High School says that you can still get the knowledge that the kids need to pass those tests but you can also get out of the normal style of teaching.

"We've got to get out of the box. Because we want to make it interesting for these kids. We just don't want to sit here and teach right out of the book."

Retiring from the military after 20+ years, Tice took up teaching 10 years ago. He says his service time set the tone for his teaching style. His "military bearing" is still in use.

"I don't put up with any misbehavior and they understand that and I don't care to get in there with them and stop it."

Tice was working with his kids on the ins and out of the legal system in preparation for a mock trial he does every year.

How does he keep it fresh?

"You continuously improve your material. Either outside the classroom or when they get in their books. You keep building everyday you keep putting something new in the system."

Tice says he comes up with projects like having kids learn budgeting, making commercials, mock trials and other things along those lines.

"Election years we have a ton of stuff to do in Civics. We hold mock elections out here. We elect the President before the people in Jonesboro elect a President."

Teaching kids the age of Tice's students can be difficult. Tice says though, it's a privilege to be part of the maturing process.

"I love knowing I had a hand in that, to grow up and mature and become young adults. It makes me proud to know I was part of that."

What more motivation and inspiration could any teacher ask for?

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