Glass Slipper Closet

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Prom season is here and, one of the most important parts of prom is "the dress."

Since the recession, for some, getting the perfect prom dress has been a difficult.  Well, Life Strategies Counseling has started a new program to help those struggling.   "Our Glass Slipper Program started last year.

We are offering dresses to girls who can afford them, that otherwise would not be able to attend prom," says Stephanie Hunter, who works with Life Strategies.

The program is available to any girl in Northeast Arkansas that needs a dress.  "We're hoping to be able to help as many girls who need it and that is our goal.  We've had plenty of donations we're looking forward to more today I'm picking up gowns and of course we need more gowns and shoes and any donations that we can have," says Hunter.  Life Strategies is excepting dresses, shoes, and jewelry.

They are also excepting tuxedos for the gentlemen.

If you need extra help for prom, they are also helping girls get ready for their special night.  "We have several people donating their time to do hair and make-up and, willing to come out and insure that fact that they are made up as best as they can be and really feel beautiful.  That is our goal, for the girls to feel confident going out and, it is about them it is their story, their night."

They are even offering to provide transportation.

There has been such positive feed-back that local businesses in the area are getting involved.  "I have felt so blessed in my business that I just wanted to spread it.  I felt like I need to help somebody because God has been so good to me," says Jessica Southard, owner of Jessica's Bride and Formal Wear.  "The actually fitting of the dress is what the girls love."  Southard says and, giving back to the community helps to bring to community together.

Hunter says the Glass Slipper Closet is not only special to the girls that participate, but for everyone involved, "it's a humbling experience for those that are involved but, for the girls it's just they finally have the opportunity to do what all their friends are doing.

The parents are involved and, they often times get very emotional to see that maybe they can do it but, someone's doing it for them."