Get your GED in a weekend!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Can you imagine being able to obtain your GED over a weekend.  Well, the Valley View Adult Learning Center is making it happen.

This weekend a number of students took part in the "GED Challenge."  The program started four years ago, and has had a lot of success.   "We have graduated will into the hundreds as far as the GED challenge," Says Steve Clayton, the director at the center.  What is even better is the program is free!

Clayton says, "Craighead County is booming with employment opportunities but one of the biggest hurdles is obtaining your GED."  It is for adults eight teen and up, and all it takes is that first step.  "The hardest thing generally is getting in the door for the first time," Clayton said.

Student Kelly Henry decided to take part in the "GED weekend" to surprise his dad.  "You know for years he's asked me to this.  I'm always like why do I need to do this now."  The hardest thing for most adults is time, "I could see where people wouldn't be able to do it at all.  Just like me I got a family to support and don't have time to take off and do things.  They work around your schedule."

There is a practice test involved first, and then you move on to the actual test.  For more information you can call the Valley View Adult Education Center at (870) 935-6205.