Kennett looks to expand dangerous dog ordinance

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - Under the current Kennett dangerous dog ordinance, pit bull owners face fines ranging between $50-500 for having their pet in city limits.

Mayor Roger Wheeler wants the power to impound the dogs and euthanize any vicious animals.

But pit bull owners say they wouldn't give up their pets.

"I wouldn't give him up just because someone says we're going to give you a ticket or take your dog out of your house because it's a vicious animal," said Sandra, a pit bull owner.

But Wheeler points to the other side of the dogs.

"They also turn wild, and when they attack, it's over," he said.

"They have the potential to turn real quick," said Animal Control officer Tina Petrix.  "They go from being a pet to being a killer."

Petrix says the change to the ordinance would help her do her job.

"It needs to be done where we can get the same one's off the street," she said.  "It's the same people, they just house them in a different house, but it will be the same dog.  This way we can get it out of here and maybe they won't replace it."

"We don't want to euthanize them if they will get them out of the country or out of the city," Wheeler said.

But Sandra says she thinks dog owners would rather move out of town than have their dogs taken away.

Mayor Wheeler says he doesn't have a timeline for when the ordinance could be changed.

He says he's still working with the city attorney on changing the language in the ordinance.

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