Schools prepare for severe weather season

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Severe weather season is here and one thing that comes to mind is safety. Westside Elementary Principal Katherine Glover said they do monthly drills to make sure the students know what to do if there ever is a tornado.

Glover said, "We are required to do four drills in the major tornado season, but we tend to try to do more just to make sure our students are on top of their game."

Every classroom at Westside Elementary has signs that tell students where they need to go.

Glover said, "Every classroom is required by law to have those posted. The exit routes for the tornado drill is up there."

At Westside they have two different safety procedures when the weather warrants.

Glover said, "One is to get the students out here to the safe house and the other is to stay inside depending on how severe the weather is, is where we will go."

If a tornado is coming and the students don't have enough time to make it out to the safe shelter they will file out into an interior hallway, get up against the wall, kneel down and cover their head to protect it from falling and flying debris.

The tornado shelter is also used for a classroom, but Glover said they have a plan in place to make sure everyone can fit inside.

Glover said, "Five minutes they can have everything put away and moved to the side so that 700 students plus can fit in this building."

Doing the drills not only prepares the kids for a tornado at school, but for anywhere.

Glover said, "They may or may not have a storm shelter to go to near them. So having those inside drills is helpful so they know where they can go inside their house."

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