Roof ripped off of Region 8 home by mother-nature

Amanda Hanson

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) – You never know what mother-nature is going to do.  At seven o'clock this morning one Green Country family was woken up by a different kind of alarm clock, "it was very scary.  I didn't know what was happening.  I thought the trailer was coming down on us.  It was just a real loud noise, and we all hit the front room at the same time.  My son yelled momma screaming for me," says mother Ronnie Epley.  Once things settled, they realized about ninety percent of their trailer had been torn off.  "We lived here back when the tornado hit two years ago and all we could think of was what's happening now. I looked out and the roof was lying in the backyard.  Water started pouring in through the ceilings and stuff from leaking so bad," says David Epley.

Luckily, no one in the house was hurt.  Police officials have contacted the National Weather Service, and are still investigating.  They are blaming straight line winds.  The family is still in shock, "We just paid it off we just bought it off.  Our next week's check was to be to get it insured," says David.

The Epley family says police responded quickly, "A lot of good help from the fire department and the police department fighting, and doing whatever they could to put the roof back on.  They helped us cover up what we could before we lost everything we could lose.  I thank God for our community.  We wouldn't make it otherwise."

Marmaduke Police Chief Steve Franks says, "The city let us use a backhoe.  We took the backhoe and lifted what part of the roof we could. We had the man power to put the rest of the roof back onto the mobile home."  Police officials also secured plastic over the roof for additional protection, but Franks fears that a large amount of damage has already been done, "The way it was raining they've probably lost about everything they got."  Franks says that they have contacted the Red Cross to help the family.

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