TSgt. Carrie L. Riley, U.S.Air Force

TSgt. Carrie L. Riley
TSgt. Carrie L. Riley

Region 8 Hero

TSgt. Carrie L. Riley
U.S. Air Force

Carrie is the daughter-in-law of Gary and Dorothy A. Loser of Salem, Arkansas.

She is presently stationed in Great Britain at Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base with the Air Force's 48th Supply Squadron of the 48th Fighter Wing.

Carrie has been in the Air Force for 12 years. She is a Fuels Specialist presently working with the wing's F-15E Strike Eagles.

"We would like Carrie to know that we are very proud of her and her efforts in this latest campaign . We also want her to know we love her. Keep up the good work!"

--- Gary and Dorothy A. Loser, Salem, Arkansas.