Ens. KC Helman, U.S. Navy

Ens. KC Helman
Ens. KC Helman

Region 8 Hero

Ens. KC Helman
U.S. Navy

KC is the son of Ken and Janine Helman of Jonesboro. He is currently serving as the Assistant Strike Officer on the USS Bunker Hill (CG-52). The Bunker Hill is a Cruiser, and attached to Carrier-Destroyer Group 1 (CCDG-1) of the Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation.

The home port of the Bunker Hill is San Diego. Currently, the ship is in the Arabian Gulf, supporting Operations Iraqi Freedom and Southern Watch.

KC graduated from Jonesboro High School where he was an honor student. He earned a full scholarship to the University of San Diego.

He has been deployed on the Bunker Hill since November 2, 2002.

"Finish you mission and return home safely."

-- Ken and Janine Helman, Louis Champion, Jonesboro, Arkansas.