New mapping system to help with flooding problems

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Harrisburg, AR (KAIT) - Poinsett County has dealt with its fair share of flooding over the years. Now county officials are working to get a better view of the entire county which will help in more ways than one.

County officials held a meeting Thursday morning to discuss a new mapping system. County Assessor Johnny Rye, junior, said it will deliver much needed information to the mayors and citizens alike.

Rye said, "The Geographic Information Systems that has been developed in our office and the ways that we are looking to help our communities as far as industrial development, ownership records."

The mapping system has aerial and satellite views of the county that show many things according to Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters.

Walters said, "It shows the demographics. The housing in our town, the streets in our town, but it will also show the ditches."

That is very important because residential areas that are prone to flooding could be highlighted.

Walters said, "We can actually take this information and pinpoint those areas which will help us to see what area was affected."

With the satellite views you are able to see areas that once were vacant land, but now are residential property. this can be very beneficial in looking at future flooding problems too.

Walters said, "Will the path change from this area north to northeast. We need to know that as far as our long term plan for flood and drainage problems in Trumann."

However there are more things that the new mapping system can be used for.

"Locating our fire department, police department, emergency places where we're going to store goods, store cots, store water when we have a major disaster."

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