Wet weather delaying farmers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Spring is here and that means it's time for crop planting. However, the recent wet weather is keeping a lot of farmers out of the fields.

Since Sunday Jonesboro has picked up nearly 2.25 inches of rain with some locations in   Region 8 seeing more than that.

Craighead County farmer David Hodges said the recent rains have made it hard for farmers to get any work done.

Hodges said, "Well it disappointed everybody. I think everybody was hoping we were getting ready to get an opportunity to get in the fields and get quite a bit of field work done."

Normally at this time of year farmers are prepping for planting but that's not the case this year.

Hodges said, "Corn planting would be underway if it were dry enough and rice planting would be starting now."

Fields are muddy with standing water and that just makes farmers including hodges think back to last year.

Hodges said, "If this continues we're looking at this is the third spring in a row where we've had wet weather. Just delayed planting way up into the spring."

Hodges said this is only the beginning of the planting window for rice and corn, so there still is plenty of time.

However, if the wet weather continues there could be a loss.

Hodges said, "Rice and with corn both you get into hot weather during pollination and up into summer that can cause some yield losses. Disease pressures a lot of times are worse as you get later into the season with a crop that's later than it normally would be."

In the mean time hodges is making sure his machinery is ready to go plus having the seed on hand so there won't be any delays when his fields finally dry up.

To speed up the process, having more equipment may help farmers get work done quicker.

Hodges said, "Renting an additional tractor to help speed things up because we are going to be compressed here. We're gonna be trying to do what we normally do in a months time in a week or two's time is the way its looking."