Coupon cutting and saving big

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – It is unreal the amount of savings you can get when you know how to stack up on coupons.  It just takes a few snips, and you can save big.  The "learn to coupon" seminar took place Sunday to teach the best way to get the most out of your money.  "My friend Kim was saving so much money and she was telling me about it.  So, when I got pregnant, she called and said there's a huge deal on diapers.  I ended up buying diapers for 54 cents," says Misty Turner, a class instructor at the seminar.

To seminar touched on staking coupons.  This is when you take a store coupon and a manufactures coupon and put them together to double your savings.  Some stores, like target offer perks for just buying marked items advertised in their weekly flyer, "last week they did the buy two tampons and they were 6.99 and you get a five dollar gift card back.  They are paying you the five dollar gift card just for coming in a buying their products," Turner said.

One of the biggest problems for most people is once you get the coupons, you forget about them.  Turner says the key is to stay organized, "I have a little binder thing that I stick everything in.  I just organize them.  That just helps you keep up with it better.  So, when you get in the store you are not fumbling it all around and looking for it.  You already know where it is."

A growing source to stock up on coupons is on the internet. allows you to put coupon deals on your Kroger card.  "Even if you go to the target website they'll have coupon that you can't find in the paper or in the store and the same thing with Walgreens."  Turner has gotten to the point where she keeps her receipts.  It is a way for her to show others that the savings you can get with coupons is no joke.  "It's so amazing even to the cashiers sometimes.  You go and you save money and their like this isn't right.  I didn't ring this up right."  Turner says in order to stay on top of the bargains she looks at the deals every day.

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