39 charged with defrauding TennCare

JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) - TennCare Inspector General Deborah Faulkner says patients who try to sell their prescription drugs won't get away with it.

Faulkner's statement comes as 39 people statewide face new charges of TennCare fraud.

The Jackson Sun reported at least 3 of those charged are from West Tennessee.

They are 20-year-old Jennifer M. Forrest of Jackson, accused of selling Adderall to an undercover agent; 27-year-old Bethany A. Franklin of McKenzie, accused of selling Hyrocodone on the street; and 40-year-old Nicole M. Berryhill of McKenzie, accused of selling a generic form of Xanax to an agent.

Police say the prescriptions or the doctor's visit that allowed them were paid for by TennCare, the state's public healthcare program.

Information from: The Jackson Sun, http://www.jacksonsun.com

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