New logo introduced for Downtown Paragould

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - "I chose to be downtown just because I love the atmosphere here. I love the people here," said Sandra Holt.

Sandra  Holt opened her framing store and art gallery in Downtown Paragould in September.

"I'm excited to be here right now, because I feel like I'm going to be apart of something really huge," said Holt.

Changes are on the way for Downtown Paragould--changes city leaders hope will reach far beyond city limits.

"We hope this brand, this new logo, will come to identify the area," said Main Street Paragould Executive Director, Gina Jarrett.

After a branding process to help "sell" what Downtown Paragould has to offer, they came up with "Downtown Paragould--The One and Only."

"Lots of folks kind of forget about downtown.   If they would get in our stores, they would come back and that's what we're hoping to do is expand outside the area and to really imprint this image on the public," said Jarrett.

Jarrett says there hasn't been a new logo for downtown in ten years.  She's hopeful a new logo will help create new interest  from shoppers, and those wanting to set up shop.

"The biggest thing to start implementing this will be the banner and sign project, and I think we'll start to see that happening very soon," said Jarrett.

"I hope that it provides new energy of course, and brings maybe people who haven't been down here in a long time to come and check out what we have going on," said Downtown Paragould property owner, Dina Mason.

Sandra Holt calls the new logo current and modern.  A railcar wheel representing the city's rich history, mixed with a contemporary and classic look representing the present city and its future.

"So no matter what event we're doing, I think people will be able to notice that's Paragould," said Holt.

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