One Region 8 road is seeing a boom in businesses

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "You've just had a major shift in your shopping areas, and that is why Stadium has progressed," said Jason Sapp.

Jason Sapp owns Turtle Creek Corner.  It's a new development that's already filling with tenants and customers.  One of many businesses profiting from what Sapp calls a prime location.  He's banking on grabbing the attention of people already coming his way.

"Most of your shoppers are heading to the mall, so that's where your traffic is coming from now," said Sapp.

"To grow the business you need traffic, and you need more customers.   The way to get that is marketing and location location location," said Doug Wilcoxson.

Wilcoxson's Kids Place owner, Doug Wilcoxson, is relocating his store to the Stadium Crossing shopping center.  Currently downtown, he says it was a great place to start.  He says he's  hopeful by moving to Stadium, more traffic outside will mean more foot traffic inside.

"It's got more traffic than anywhere in Jonesboro.   It's the lifeline of the mall.   It's pretty much the lifeline of Jonesboro," said Wilcoxson.

President and CEO of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce Mark Young says he thinks business owners' and entrepreneurs' outlook on the economy is improving--evident by new businesses going up and more people put to work.

"Every business is extremely important, and every job is extremely important," said Mark Young.

Jason Sapp says he believes there's positive growth in the economy and consumer confidence.

"We're so diversified with our different industries that Northeast Arkansas has thrived and is still thriving," said Sapp.

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