Sgt. Steven Brussel, U.S. Army

Region 8 Hero

Sgt. Steven Brussel
U.S. Army

Jonesboro-native Steven Brussel is part of the crew of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle attached to Task Force 4-64 of the 3rd Infantry Division, currently in and surrounding Baghdad.

Brussel graduated from Valley View High School.

Steven's mother Jayne shared with KAIT this letter she received from Steven. It was written prior to the commencement of hostilities with Iraq:

"Now I sit in the desert with the possibility of war. I feel confident in my unit, my soldiers, and myself. I believe everyone will be just fine. My soldiers are my family for now. That means I am prepared to do what I have to in order to keep them safe, even if it means my own life. I think you can understand that. I don't think we have to worry about that though. Someone once told me 'life is 10% what happens to you, the other 90% is what you do with it.' Right now I am part of history."

Steven is the brother to Michael Brussel, the stepson to B.J. and Sally Smith, the stepbrother to Aaron Smith, the nephew to Laurie and Bobby Pickrell, the cousin to T.J. and Tina Ezzo; the cousin to Ricky Tate, the cousin to Clint, Lauren, and Katie Pickrell; and the fiancee to Lasha Simpkins, all local Region 8 family members.

"I think my son's words speak a lot about who he is and what a great soldier and person he is. I am extremely proud to call him "my son". My prayers and thoughts are constantly with my son and all the heroes serving. May they all return home safe. Thanks for all the prayers and support that people have shared."

-- Jayne Brussel