Westside Schools on limited lockdown as precautionary measure; no threat to school or students

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Westside Schools will remain on a limited lockdown for the remainder of Thursday after police advised the school to go on lockdown after a man was spotted in the area carrying a rifle.

The Craighead County Sheriff's Department alerted the school to lockdown the buildings as a precautionary measure after a man was spotted on a nearby road carrying a rifle.

According to Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann, the man was located around County Road 102 and State Highway 349, and was never closer than a couple of miles to the school.

Sheriff McCann said that Arkansas State Police and Craighead County Sheriff's Deputies were alerted to the area, but never found anyone.

Police and school officials say he never made it to school grounds, and again was never closer than a couple of miles to the school.

The school will remain on limited lockdown, which means they will have limited outside activities, but will be as normal inside the schools.

Police and school officials tell Region 8 News the campus was never in imminent danger.

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