Marmaduke Tornado - four years later

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Marmaduke, AR (KAIT) - On April 2, 2006 tornadoes ripped through Region 8 and one of the towns hardest hit was Marmaduke. Jimmy Hardin, Bus Mechanic for Marmaduke Schools said it was amazing to see what the tornado left behind.

Hardin said, "All I saw was my toolbox standing in the position and a mess of debris scattered across the country."

Behind the school is the bus barn that was destroyed and now has been rebuilt; a sign of change after four years.

"Every bus was setting still in the barn, but the barn was down on top of it and all the windows were busted," said Hardin.

Marmaduke High School Assistant Basketball Coach Shane Robinson, along with three of his basketball players were attempting to make it to shelter, when they came across the tornado.

Robinson said, "We tried to make it to the church and get in the basement and got our front windshield busted out by some debris.  Ended up wrecking and ended up in the ditch. So we just all laid down in the car, held on and prayed."

Randy Littleton could see the ominous black looking cloud coming straight for his house. His family had already taken shelter underground, but Littleton was still at the barn.

"I walked gingerly down here and took my own sweet time. Got in here (the storm shelter) and about 30 seconds later it hit," said Littleton.

It may have been four years ago Friday, but to the people that rode out the storm, it seems just like yesterday.

Hardin said, "The clouds come up, everybody thinks back to then. But it doesn't really seem its been that long."

"Its just been the twinkling of an eye, literally. I mean it doesn't seem like its been that long at all, but its been a great four years," said Littleton.

Robinson said, "We're still doing pretty good. I think it shows the resolve of our town."

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