Clean Energy can make an impact in Arkansas

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - The green movement has moved its way into Arkansas.  The state is a prime target for the green industry, consider the number of resources it provides.  Focus the Nation sponsored the Clean Energy Forum Saturday on the ASU campus. This forum was one of eight going on across the nation.  The goal was to help reach out and empower young people to maybe look into the opportunities clean energy can provide.

"It's beyond important because it is the future there's no other route," says Ryan Beaird, the President of the Student Government Association, "We've got huge soy manufacturers and farmers across the state and there 20 percent of that by product that we can make bio-diesel out of. We've also got some great lands for wind turbines."

Beaird says that clean energy is a wild investment because it has no risk but a huge pay out, "Our wind turbines and stuff like that are paying themselves off in 5 or 6 years.  Apart from oil manufacturers, who may take 25 to 30 or even 60 years to get a return on your investment."

The most beneficial part about going green is the job opportunities it can provide.  "The economy the way it looks right now and we hope that they light of the tunnel is getting closer and closer but we're not seeing that just yet. With clean energy jobs that light is already here," says Beaird.

Students from Little Rock Central High School attended Saturday's event, and student Faith Mullin says it is definitely something she wants to look into, "I've learned so much just from the 30 minutes. we've been in here.  I never knew all these options existed and that all this stuff went on with clean energy."

Mullins says it difficult now-a-days to find a green way to impact your life, but even small things can impact the environment, "My shirt says 'it began with a few hundred students.' It really just starts with one student and one person and making it a huge group and just getting it bigger and bigger until ultimately it's the entire world is focusing on one ultimate goal to just help our planet."

Ryan Beaird says it's better to jump on the band wagon now, rather than later, "The quicker we'll become a leader and the quicker we'll get returns on our investment our economy needs that right now the future of Arkansas depends on it."

With Legislation putting tighter restraints on companies to be more energy friends, the green collared employment opportunities are endless.

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