Shaken Baby Simulators impact Students

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Shaken baby syndrome, or SBS, is the most common cause of death and long-term injuries to infants due to physical child abuse.  SBS is a severe brain injury in infants cause by violently shaking.  Sources say around 50% to 75% of adults and teenagers do not realize that shaking a baby can be harmful.

Nettleton High School has a new teaching tool that uses a high-tech doll to show the damages that can be caused by shaking a baby.  "It's almost like we're teaching it by negative example," says Joyce Glenn, a teacher at Nettleton High School.

Crowley's Ridge Educational Service divvied out shaken baby simulators to schools around Region 8 to show students the effects of shaking a baby.  "The head is clear and there are different parts of the brain that react when you shake a baby," says Glenn.  SBS can cause damage from visual, to motor skills, and even death.  When students physically shook the baby simulator, the head would light up.  The Lights would show the students what type of injuries were occurring.

The stimulators are even more beneficial to visual learner.  When students can actually do something hands on, the information will stick with the students longer.  "The students when we got them and took them out of the box, they were afraid to shake them because they didn't want to hurt them," says Glenn.

Student Hannah Evins says, "It's just feels like a real baby...and you actually see what happens to it, if you were to shake it."  Which makes the simulate ors a great teaching tool, and something that will help students be better caregivers.  "I feel every school should have one and it teaches you how to handle a baby in the right way and how fragile they really are," Evins says.

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