COPY-Mobile: Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing on your mobile device is easy!  Simply point your wireless browser to and bookmark this address for continuous use.

Do you offer an iPhone app?

  • Yes.  Please search the App Store for XXXX.

How do I launch the web site from a Text Message?

  • Open the text message.
  • Select the link or use the "Go to Link," "Use link" or "Get link" option using the Menu or Options buttons on your device.
  • Press OK or GO.
  • Add the site to your mobile bookmarks using the Menu options.

 How do I launch the site from my device Browser?

  • First, launch the device web browser.
  • Next, use the Menu options to access the "Go to...", "Go to URL" or "Open new link" option in your device.
  • Type in and press Ok or Go (there is no need to enter http:// on most device browsers).
  • Add the site to your mobile bookmarks using the Menu options.

What do I need to access the site from my mobile device?

  • You will need a device with data access capabilites and some type of internet browser.  Many devices will offer a link marked "Web" or "Browser" or perhaps a picture of a globe to signify the internet functionality.  Some devices offer this on a link named after your service provider's name.
  • After locating the web browser, key in the address for the site,  Bookmarking the site will help you easily find it later; check your device manual for more detailed instructions for how to do this.

What is a data plan or data access capabilities?

  • Data access allows you to browse the internet on your mobile device.  The data plan will allow you to browse the internet for a fee based on the number of megabytes of information viewed, or increasingly, for a flat fee allowing unlimited access.  We recommend you check with your carrier for information about the options as well as what is covered in your specific plan.  Coverage may differ depending on your carrier and/or your device.

How do I know if my device will support internet browsing?

  • Consult the manual for your device or your service provider for this information.

I have accessed the website, but I am having trouble navigating or getting a response as I browse.

  • Check to see if you are still able to access other URL's.  If you encounter difficulty, you may be out of your coverage area.  If you can access other sites, there may be a temporary problem with our site, so try again later.  If the problem persists, please send us an email at

This feature not available on all mobile devices; please check with your local provider for details.