Jonesboro Attacks Mosquito Problem

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Year after year when the weather starts to get warm, the mosquitoes come out to play. With all the rain and drainage problems, the standing water is perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

"Just like now we've had a lot of rain and if it quits in the next two to three weeks and stays dry for a long period of time then that will help them control the mosquito control," says Mayor Harold Perrin.  He says that they have acknowledged the problem and have looked into way to tackle to problem.  "We'll probably start spraying on the trucks probably within the next week or two and then the flyover will probably be June or July."

He says it's best to start sooner, rather than later.  The city has already scattered traps around town, to see were the heaviest mosquito population exists.  The city contracted Vector to handle the problem the past two years.  "I think that this year we'll have a much better year than last year because it's not going to be playing catch-up.  We're going to start early they know what they are doing.  They've done it for many years," he says.

Perrin says Vector is even offering something this year that has not been done in the previous years, "If you're going to have a party or an outdoor activity, if you call them and give them some lead time, they will come out to your yard and actually spray your entire yard."

If you do have a mosquito problem, call City Hall or Vector Mosquito Control and they will take care of the issue.

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