Study finds teen boys are better drivers than girls

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - We've all heard that boys are worse drivers than girls, but a new study is claiming just the opposite!

"My driving skills, I think personally they're pretty good," said teen driver Abby Taylor.

We all like to think we're good behind the wheel.  It seems the little distractions available are making it harder for teens, especially girls, to pay attention!

"Not anything really bad!  I do mess with the radio a lot.  I don't usually text and drive but if I'm at a stop light I may look at my cell phone," said Taylor.

"I really like to speed a lot.  I get aggravated at a lot of drivers when they're texting and driving," said teen driver Lindsay Piatt

But these teens say they do the same thing!  A no texting law is in place for all drivers in Arkansas and for teen drivers in Missouri.

"I hate to say it but it hasn't really affected me.  I don't text a lot but I admit I do," said Piatt.

A study released by The Allstate Foundation finds that teenage girls are more likely to speed, text and be more aggressive behind the wheel!

"I'm a very aggressive driver," said Piatt.

"Sometimes I get road rage.  I get kind of mad it they're going slow," said Taylor.

Driver's education teacher Chad Soden said he does notice a difference between the girls and boys when they're driving.  He said guys seem to be more confident behind the wheel.

"I think the guys probably get out and drive more on their own than the females do," said Soden.

"Some girls, they're just so focused on other things and guys are more laid back and will just focus more on the road," said Piatt.

Allstate Agent Tim Allison said it can be very dangerous for teens to be on the road!  He said parents should put more rules on their teen drivers.

"It shouldn't be a license to go wherever they want to.  Normally parents still own that car they're still paying the bills.  They need to limit them on where they can go what they can do," said Allison.

The study also finds girls admit to speeding more than boys!

"The girls, they always seem like they're rushing everywhere," said Soden.

"Whenever I want to go somewhere I just want to get there and get it over with so I speed sometimes," said Piatt.

"When I'm by myself I drive a lot more recklessly," said Taylor.

Experts say teens need to have their hands free and concentrate on the road.

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