Marmaduke suffers damage during storm

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) --It seems like these storms like the dinner hour in Marmaduke. Tracy Emerick works at the Subway on Highway 49.

"Well I was making a sandwich and it got dark and then we heard a loud bang and the door had just busted everywhere."

Across the road pharmacist David Eddington was looking to the West watching the lightning and rain changing direction.

"It continued to spin around, the rain was changing directions and about that time all the doors in the pharmacy blew open as the pressures changed and shifted. We looked out the window and saw a lot of material flying down the street. "

Emerick told her patrons, to get away from the windows.

"Get towards the back, we had another lady I was actually fixing her sandwich and had her get out of the way in case some of the other windows went."

Down 49 north toward the ARI  plant a couple of mobile homes were flipped over and destroyed. They were used homes that were up for sale so had no occupants.

About a block from the Subway  up on Wiliford street, several houses and vehicles lost windows and parts of their roofs.

Marylin & Darrell Coleman were having dinner when the winds hit. Coleman said she went outside to get her roof pieces back.

"I went to the back of the house to put that in the back of the house those two pieces that come off and the back yard was just a mess. And it was just that fast. It just went "whoompf" it sounded like a car hit the house and it was over. "

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