Grant money for ASU means more scholarships

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "There's certainly a need for more teachers trained in math and science," said Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at ASU, Dr. Anne Grippo.

Thanks to a nearly one million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, there may be more of an incentive to get those teachers.

"We can actually offer our ASU students three years of funding.   Two towards their Bachelor's Degree and one for teacher certification," said Dr. Grippo.

Dr. Anne Grippo says to qualify for the scholarships the Bachelor's Degree has to be in math, science, or engineering, then go on to get certification to teach.  Dr. Grippo says the goal is to get more teachers who are well versed in science and math into the classroom.

"They'll have more math and science content by getting their Bachelor's Degree first in a math or science field, and then going on to get their certification," said Dr. Grippo.

Dr. Grippo says those already with a math, science, or engineering degree who want to go back to school to get certified are eligible for funding too.

"Full support for them to get their teaching certificate if they're willing to go and teach for a year for every semester that we give them support," said Dr. Grippo.

There is a stipulation.  Dr. Grippo says scholarship recipients must teach at an under-served school. They must teach for one year for every semester they received money.

"It can be an economically under served area, but what they're most concerned about is that it's an area under-served in qualified math and science teachers," said Dr. Grippo.

Grippo says we're losing our competitive edge worldwide in all kinds of technical fields.  She adds, part of the reason is because we don't have the same math and science capable population.

"The way to do that is to have better math and science and stronger math and science curriculum in the schools to bring our kids up to the levels they're taught in other countries," said Dr. Grippo.

Current ASU students have to be juniors or seniors to qualify for the scholarships. The money pays for tuition, fees, and room and board.  Dr. Grippo says there are about 25 scholarships that will be distributed over 5 years.

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