Brief relief for those with allergies

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - The weather across Region 8 lately has been a big headache for those with allergies. If you stepped out the door Thursday, you probably noticed a difference.

Dr. Scot Snodgrass said, "For plant reproduction and for pollination you want dry windy weather."

That's exactly the type of weather that we've seen until Wednesday when we saw rain, which definitely helps with the pollen.

"Moisture degrades the protein in the pollen. So once it's wet, it doesn't do what it's supposed to do," said Dr. Snodgrass.

The pollen counts earlier this week were in the very high category. One day the level was at 11.8 on a scale that only reads up to 12. The rain knocked down the readings for Thursday, meaning temporary relief for allergy sufferers.

Dr. Snodgrass said, "You actually clean the air out more with a steady shower than you do with a thunderstorm because that thunderstorm has so much wind in it."

The pollen has been delayed this year. Normally it starts around mid March.

"The first time Oak showed up on a pollen count was the first of April. So I think what's happened we've seen a late pollen, we've seen a lot of warmth and then it just all occurred at once," said Dr. Snodgrass.

We tend to see a couple waves of tree pollen in the spring and this is only the first round. If you suffer from allergies it looks like the punches will keep on coming.

Dr. Snodgrass said, "This winds gonna obviously dry things out, humidity levels low, the temperatures going to go up. That combination leads to pollination."

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