Co-worker to donate kidney in Hayti

HAYTI, MO (KFVS) – Mary Lynne Massey ways when she met Tracy Franklin, little did she know the role he would play in her life.  Still, they feel their relationship was meant to be because they recently learned they share a rare biological bond.

"Our paths have crossed in several ways since we met," said Massey.

It all began when they met 15 years ago as EMTs at Pemiscot County Memorial Hospital. Beyond that their kids played baseball against each other, Tracy's wife and Mary Lynne were in the same nursing class, and after a few twists and turns, they ended up as co-workers again.

"He's now an EMT and I'm working as a nurse," said Massey.

Both work at Pemiscot County Memorial again.

"He found out I needed a kidney transplant when he started back here about six months ago," Massey said.

Though you can't find much weakness in her seemingly endless energy, Massey actually struggles with fatigue, pain, and undergoes regular dialysis due to a genetic kidney disease.

"It's Polycystic Kidney Disease," said Massey. "It's inherited."

She was diagnosed 12 years ago, but in the past two years her kidneys began functioning below 15 percent. She learned she would need to find a donor.

"To see grandchildren, and stay in the job I love," said Massey. "It does significantly decrease your life span."

Since the disease is genetic and the odds of family members having PKD are so great, relatives can't be used as a match, that made finding a donor nearly impossible.  That is, unless you have incredibly selfless friends, and amazing good luck.

"Tracy came to me and said he wanted to be tested," said Massey. "I couldn't believe it. He made me give him the number and he went from there. He called me on December 23rd to tell me he was a match."

"When God tells you to do something you don't question it," said Franklin.

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.  Besides donating his kidney, Tracy will miss six weeks of work. But, he isn't worried about the sacrifice. In fact, he believes God put him here to save Mary Lynne.

"I don't think God would have me do something that would put me in a bad way," said Franklin. "I'm excited to do this for her. I want her to be the Mary Lynne I met 15 years ago."

"I can't put into words how grateful I am to this man and his family," said Massey.

A fund has been set up by the Massey family at Bank star of the Bootheel in Caruthersville and Steel for Tracy Franklin to cover expenses while he is out of work.

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