1st District Congressional forum debate draws big crowd

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

"This is a political year like no other I've seen in quite some time," said one attendee.

Several of the Congressional candidates vying for the First District's seat met face to face Monday night.

"I know what it's like to make a payroll, I know what it's like to sign the front side of a paycheck, so that's why I was compelled to get in this race," said Republican Candidate, Rick Crawford.

Forum attendee Thom Beasley says now is the time to act by asking questions of the candidates running for that seat.

"We need to know who the next person really is and get a pretty good idea about who they are because it's a very important responsibility," said Beasley.

"I did always try to help people throughout those 38 years," said Democratic Candidate, Terry Green.

The candidates tackled national hot topics like the economy and jobs during their introductions and question-and-answer period.

"We need people in Congress that represent us and understand where we are on things," said Democratic Candidate, Tim Wooldridge.

Beverly McCollum says she hopes the trend of big crowds continues, and that those in attendance leave more informed.

"We're giving them that chance in every way we can, and on every race that we can," said McCollum.

"I think the public's trust is sacred and it's something you must earn," said Democratic Candidate, Chad Causey.

For attendee Thom Beasley, he says the job is a big one, and that the person holding that title must be up to the task now, and years down the road.

"There's a lot more international competition, so our country has to stay strong to compete," said Beasley.

"I want to represent Arkansas' First Congressional District because I care, because I care about what's going on in Washington D.C., said Republican Candidate, Princella Smith.

"It's a good indication by attendance that people really are interested and concerned with what's going on in our country," said attendee Ed Way.

"That's why I want to go to Washington D.C.--is to work hard," said Democratic Candidate, David Cook.

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