18 Missouri trails to get federal grant money

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) - Eighteen trails around Missouri will be sharing nearly $1.5 million in federal grants.

Gov. Jay Nixon says the grants will go to a variety of trails used for hiking, biking or all-terrain vehicles in both rural and urban areas.

The biggest grant - more than $300,000 - goes to the Missouri State Penitentiary Greenway Trail in Jefferson City.

The projects include:

Drake Harbor Trail in Warsaw, $53,500.

Renovation of parking area and construction of an emergency access road at Finger Lakes State Park in Boone County, $17,532.

Renovation of Devil's Icebox Trail at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park in Boone County, $59,100.

Chadwick Motorcycle and ATV Trail System in the Mark Twain National Forest in Christian County, $99,921.

Missouri State Penitentiary Greenway Trail in Jefferson City, $317,060.

Renovation of trails at Flat Nasty Off-Road Park in Dent County, $90,00.

Valley View Trail construction at Montauk State Park in Dent County, $31,020.

Connect and Keep Fit Trail in Albany, $99,914.

Ruby Jack Trail by the Joplin Trails Coalition, $100,000.

Mozingo Recreational Trail project just outside Maryville, $99,000.

Prairie Creek Greenway by Platte County Parks and Recreation, $100,000.

Sutton Bluff renovation in the Mark Twain National Forest in Reynolds County, $99,494.

Trail renovation by the Friends of St. Joe State Park in St. Francois County, $27,749.

Children's off-road-vehicle riding area in St. Joe State Park, $70,500.

Expansion of off-road-vehicle rinse station at St. Joe State Park, $90,000.

Ruth Park Woods Trail construction in University City, $100,000.

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