Man charged after destroying mobile home with backhoe

Brian Yarbrough -- Courtesy: Poinsett Co. Sheriff's Office
Brian Yarbrough -- Courtesy: Poinsett Co. Sheriff's Office

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

FISHER, AR (KAIT) – Poinsett County authorities arrested a Fisher man on charges he tore away another man's mobile home late Sunday night with a backhoe. According to Chris Holt, Chief Deputy with the Poinsett County Sheriff's Office, Brian Yarbrough was charged with 1st degree criminal mischief. According to the incident report, police found probable cause to charge Yarbrough, 41, after discovering a mobile home destroyed on Hoppie Lane in Fisher.

"It's been alleged that Keith Yarbrough and Josh Chambers got into some type of disagreement, argument that turned physical," said Holt. "During the altercation there, Yarbrough left and went back to Fisher, where he is from, and contacted 911."

"When they got there, they saw debris lying in the roadway and made contact with Josh Chambers and he said someone has destroyed my camper," said Holt. "It was obvious that it was thrown, completely demolished, thrown down to Highway 49 in Fisher."

Holt said volunteer firefighters and city officials helped clean the debris from the road Monday. Holt said debris was scattered across town.

"Hoppie Lane goes from where the trailer was originally located in front of the cemetery and on into town and over the railroad tracks. It must have been attached to the backhoe or something, the frame," said Holt.

Yarbrough appeared in court Monday and was given a $10,000 bond.

Chambers, 24, said no one was hurt during the incident.

"He gets all mad at me and he pulls me out of the car and he's coming at me and I'm not trying to fight the guy, you know, and backing up trying to go back to Tim and John's house, but he keeps coming at me and coming at me so I hit him and he's swinging at me and I hit him again and knocked him on the ground," said Chambers. "He was throwing rocks and stuff at me, throwing handfuls of rocks, so I picked up a handful and threw it back at him."

"I really don't care that it did, but it should have been over on the gravel road, whenever he got back in the car and left," said Chambers. "Tim picks me up and we come down here and my camper was all destroyed out here and now it's on fire. It wasn't on fire at first."

Yarbrough will appear in court again on May 24th.

"Hopefully our problems are over with. I'm not going to do anything to cause any more problems with the guy. I didn't want to cause a problem that night with him," said Chambers. "I hope it's over. If it isn't, somebody will just go back to jail."

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