Flea and tick season has arrived

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - During the winter, flea and tick population usually goes down due to cold weather, but that's not always true according to Dr. Sara Rowland a Veterinarian at Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital.

Dr. Rowland said, "It seems like it probably should have gone down with as much snow and freezing that we had, but we're seeing the parasites coming out just the same as always."

They even saw some ticks at the beginning of March, which is earlier than normal. Fleas on the other hand can be found almost all the time.

"We've definitely seen fleas. They can manage through the winter months also," said Dr. Rowland.

You can fight off those pests with pills or topical products, which normally have to be applied once a month. In some cases the labels on the boxes may be deceiving.

"Some products definitely don't seem to be working as well. Sometimes they may work for a short period of time but not for the duration of what they're labeled for," said Dr. Rowland.

That's why it's very important to regularly check your pets for fleas and ticks. Julie Hill with Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital said there is more to treating your pet than you might think.

Hill said, "It has to be the pet, the household environment and the outdoor environment, wherever the pet goes."

Keep in mind that the treatment products are not the same for every animal.

"Dog products cannot be used on cats. It can be very, very dangerous for these cats if they get dog products put on them," said Hill.

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