Newport's Shayna Boyster wins Interscholastic Star Award; Westside's Whitney Owens a finalist

Little Rock (KAIT) -  Shayna W. Boyster, a junior at Newport High School, was named Arkansas' Interscholastic Star for the 2010-2011 school year. Boyster received the award on Thursday, April 8, 2010, during a luncheon at the Holiday Inn Presidential in Little Rock.

Boyster has consistently involved herself in various high school activities. The list is long and impressive, with the following highlights: She is on the dance, softball, golf, and track teams. She has participated on the Mock Trial team since the 9th grade. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Newport High School Bible Club where she helped raise money organizing a Walk-a-Thon for wells in Africa. She is also a hard worker on the Yearbook Staff.

Boyster is a "BIG" for a student at the elementary school for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program at Newport. She also serves on the Tobacco Board in the state of Arkansas which sponsors the "Stamp Out Smoking" program in high schools. She also participated in community activities such as the Keep Newport Beautiful campaign by picking up trash for the "Trashiest Team Contest" where she came in first place for picking up the most trash in the community.

Boyster received a $1,000 savings bond.

Westside's Whitney LeeAnn Owens was a finalist and received a $300 savings bond.

The Interscholastic Star program is designed to recognize and reward individuals whose efforts may or may not have been previously noticed. Such recognition includes highlighting the values found in school activities programs and their far-reaching effects on the lives of the participants.

Each Arkansas high school has at least one student whose attitudes and actions make the school a better place. These young people contribute to their school and community by exemplifying what are called the Three A's.

Active Involvement in school activities and community service.

Adaptability to meet challenging situations with courage, perseverance and commitment.

Attitude of cooperation, dependability and application of interpersonal skills.

A statewide screening committee selected the five finalists. The selection committee interviewed each of the five finalists prior to the luncheon.