COC delegates send same-sex issues to natl level

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) - Delegates at the Community of Christ
World Conference will not take action on resolutions about gay and
lesbian issues.
      The weeklong conference, which opened Saturday in Independence,
drew about 2,800 delegates from around the world.
      President Steve Veazey said Thursday that among the issues that
would not be heard at the world conference level are if gay,
lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals should be considered
for ordination. The conference also will not consider whether
ordained church members should be allowed to officiate at same-sex
marriages where they are legal.
      Veazey said the issues were more appropriately addressed at the
national church level.
      The denomination, which is headquartered in Independence, has
250,000 members. It was known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints until changing its name in 2001.
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