Breaking the cycle of addiction

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CARDWELL, MO (KAIT) - Life is full of temptations for all of us but those temptations are especially difficult for addicts.  There are several faith-based rehabs in this area.  A new facility is opening up targeting men in the bootheel of Missouri.

Shepherd's fold ministry is the brother organization to the Agape House in Oak Grove.  Organizers say they would see women leave that facility clean and sober then return to a bad environment!  That is what led to the desire to change the lives of men in our community.

"I've known for a long time that I was a drug addict," said Jon Howard.

Howard is the first client of Shepherd's Fold Ministry after a decade of drug addiction.

"The other program I went in to, as soon as I got done I got out and they didn't teach me how to get back into the world," said Howard.

Shepherd's Fold founder Steve McCracken said men need guidance to provide a safe, stable and spiritual environment for their families.

"I kept seeing these women come in wanting treatment for their husband who was still in an unclean environment," said McCracken.

Unfortunately addictive opportunities are all around.  Danny Hall pastors a church in Cardwell, Missouri where Shepherd's Fold is located.

"I used to ride with a motorcycle gang and drink and do drugs.  It was an everyday occurrence," said Danny Hall.

Now Hall is clean and sober and ready to share his success with others.

"My bible says, 'Who the son sets free is free indeed,' so I love this program here.  It's where I got my start," said Hall.

"You need people you want to be like to be around so you have a model of how to live," said Shepherd's Fold board co-chair Thomas Sanders.

McCracken said they are open to anyone with a life controlling issue.

"Drug addiction, alcohol addiction but we're also talking about such addictions as pornography and gambling," said McCracken.

Howard is only two days into the program with several months ahead of him.

"I am scared.  I'm terrified, but I'm hoping they're going to help me," said Howard.

The building Shepherd's Fold is located in is being donated to them for year rent free.  They are going through the building room by room and replacing ceilings, lighting, and wiring.

They are in need of many things to help them really get started.  They are in search of teachers and those that can minister to men.  They don't have a van to transport clients at this point and don't have air conditioners upstairs where the men sleep.  They are asking for donations of food, clothing and bedding and help from any volunteers.

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